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Richard Stuart Kerr, born in Coleraine, County Derry, N. Ireland in 1959, is largely a self taught painter and decorator. He attended the Honourable Irish Society boys school in Ireland before completing his studies at Alford Academy in Scotland. After leaving school he was employed in various archaeological excavations and later while living in London he worked at the Museum of London where he was able to further his knowledge in this field.

In 1979 he traveled to Italy where he spent three years studying history and Italian. He later moved to Brussels where he worked and studied with a group of Belgian artists and designers most notably Thierry Bosquet and Isabelle de Borchgrave. Thierry Bosquet, the renowned set decorator and painter engaged him as an apprentice and taught him the art of mural painting and trompe l'oeil, while Isabelle, the well known interior designer and painter taught him interior design techniques and styles.

In 1986 Richard purchased a 17th century town-house in the historic center of Brussels which he restored using his determination and the techniques and artistic skills he had acquired in Belgium. Since then Richard's work has attracted the attention of renowned magazines such as the World of Interiors, Elle Decor (Italy), Marie Claire (France), Le Vif Express (Belgium), Grazia (Italy), Semana Decora (Colombia), and Buen Vivir (Colombia).

In 1992 Richard traveled to Los Angeles where he began to undertake more ambitious projects involving portraits, painted furniture and murals. There he received many commissions from Hollywood celebrities and was employed by the Designer's West Group at the Pacific Design Centre who were involved in many important design projects. Richard worked with them on many projects in California creating murals and using his decorative skills. He also participated in a decoration project in Las Vegas. His work was on permanent display at the Ludy Strauss gallery in Santa Monica.

In 1994 Richard traveled to South America where he worked with Lina Botero decorator, designer and daughter of the famous painter Fernando Botero. Richard's apartment was published in the best decoration magazines in Latin America at that time. His work included exhibitions of his paintings and projects in many private villas. He was involved in extensive work for the renovation of the Santa Teresa Hotel in Cartagena with Lina Botero and the Pedro Gomez group.

Richard has since worked in Canada on projects in private homes and at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

After two years in Berlin where Richard was involved in restoration projects in the new centre of the city, he moved to Italy to restore a 17th century farmhouse in Tuscany where he has lived for the past four years. He is currently working on a hotel restoration project in the south of Italy and has also been involved in various restoration projects and interior decoration for private clients in Tuscany such as small hotels and 19th century villas.

Richard has also had various exhibitions of his work throughout his career when time has permitted him during his many travels.
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